Trades Of Hope


Trades of Hope is a company with a simple idea. Giving people a way to empower themselves. Who are these people? They are artisans and creative spirits around the world. Designing clothing, jewelry, and accessories to lift themselves out of poverty. By connecting these artisans with Compassionate Entrepreneurs in the states, Trades of Hope has created a world-changing system. One that creates a reoccurring substantial income where such a thing wouldn’t be possible.  It, quite literally, makes dreams come true in under-developed countries.

Trades Of Hope was looking for a company to partner with to generate leads. These leads would attract potential Compassionate Entrepreneurs to Trades of Hope. In turn, this would give 3rd World Artisans more exposure to create their reoccurring income opportunities.

Generating Leads

Trades of Hope didn't need just anyone, they needed people who were both compassionate and driven. So Web Daytona set out to create a series of lead generating ads for Trades of Hope. As results came in, we fined tuned the ads to maximize the investments Return On Investment

New Compassionate Entrepreneurs

Our Lead Generation has brought new Compassionate Entrepreneurs to Trades of Hope. Allowing the company to grow and help more people around the world.